Sneak Preview2 (預覽2)
Sneak Preview2 (預覽2)
Did you know that the most finest pearls available is called the
"Hanadama(花珠) Pearls"? Like any other gem, Pearls have a grading system, but the finest of all is graded as "Hanadama" and will come with a certificate.

Petit Pearl's new Uwajima Collection is all made of handpicked Hanadama Pearls and what's more!? The pearls have no added treatment done. The certificate will show that the pearls are at a "Hanadama" grade as well as it is 100% natural.

您知道最上等的珍珠被稱為"花珠珍珠"嗎? 像其他寶石一樣, 珍珠亦有等級制度, 只有最高品質的方能被評為"花珠"級, 且附有證書認可。

Petit Pearl 最新的宇和島系列採用精心挑選的花珠珍珠, 更重要的是, 珍珠並無經過任何加工處理, 其證書亦將顯示珍珠為百分百天然的頂級花珠。