In 1858 Yokohama, Japan, the first Kontor was built by a few men from Hong Kong, who worked as interpretors for the English men.
Inside this rather shabby looking wooden building, Japanese Natural pearls were being traded. At this time, only a handful of people had the chance to own this precious jewel from the sea.
Pearl cultivation became the norm and various types of pearls have become a high end jewelry for formal wear. 156 years later, the financial crisis and global warming affected the Pearl cultivation hard and it became difficult to maintain the mass production.
In 2014, Hong Kong, a city that has become the largest market for Pearl trading, an optimist who loves Chinese food and also an expert of Pearls, and a woman who loves fashion, stood up to save the endangered market and decided to create an innovative style to pearls. By these two Japanese innovators, Petit Pearl has become a beginning of a new chapter.
“Our mission is to have fun and dress everyone in the World fashionably with Pearls”

who we are



Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, GIA Pearls Graduate

Born in Japan and raised in Vancouver, Canada. An easy-going mom of two little sunshines, who has had working experience as sales & marketing at a Japanese electronics brand, then at an American consulting firm. Passion towards pearls, jewelry and fashion motivated her to start-up Petit Pearl in Hong Kong, and currently loving each and every moment especially meeting customers.


Creative Director, Chief Planner & Writer at RAWCREW

Born and raised in the exciting city of Osaka, Japan. After 6 years working experience at one of the top creative firms in Japan, Yugo started his own PR agency, RAWCREW (, in 2014. He is the one behind Petit Pearl's branding and IT development. In his spare time Yugo likes to customize his bike and read books.

who we are

Being the only gem found in a living object, a birth of a pearl is a truly miraculous event.
At Petit Pearl, these true gems are carefully selected and sourced from Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Tahiti, and Philippines by our merchandising team led by experts having more than 10 years of experience in merchandising and procurement in one of the top pearl jewelry brand.
The value factors that determine the overall value of a natural or cultured pearl or a piece of pearl jewelry are size, shape, color, luster, surface quality, nacre thickness, and—for jewelry with two or more pearls—matching. These value factors are all taken into account and we select only the top quality pearls.

Oysters that create pearls can only survive in clean water environment.
Petit Pearl will add style to your daily line-up and at the same time grow to make lots of ‘Petit’ contributions to the aqueous environment.

Royale Pearlette Collection

Petit Pearl's Royale Pearlette Collection using the finest grade of the Akoya pearls produced are all sourced from our pearl farm in Uwajima Japan. The finest luster and excellent surface quality are formed naturally with no treatment after the harvest. An official certificate accompanies the necklace & earring set formed by these gorgeous pearls. If you are looking for a special pearl, Petit Pearl has your answer.